The most powerful heart—Copeland compressor

  • Long life(at least 10 years) and It is difficult to abrade.
  • Over current protection
  • Open-phase protection
  • Over temperature protection
  • Resisting the liquid hammer strongly and run normally under bad conditions.
  • High voltage & low voltage protection



  • Using surface modification of aluminum foil with hydrophilic film.
  • Discharging water immediately. It’s difficult to make frost and reduce windage efficiently.
  • Double groups of internal screw pipe increase the area of heating exchange
    and improve the efficiency. It can save at least 15% energy.



  • High quality coils: copper tube coils constructed of inner groove technology.
  • Treble the process of heating exchange and double the area of heating exchange.
  • Reducing scale as possible as it can and extending the life of heat pump.


Eletronic throttle

  • Adopting SAGINOMIYA electronic throttle.
  • Making sure the best velocity of flow. It can increase the COP.
  • It has a function of regulation form 0 to 500 rank that make the system run in a stable state and reduce troubles.


The third generation of control systerm

  • LCD display control panel.
  • Iintellectually control water pump,water supplement, water discharge and defrosting system.
  • Supply water all day long, guarantee water at the fixed time.



  • Cabinet-ultra UV resistant
  • Non-corrosive cabinet


Heat exchanger

  • Marking a full use of cooling water and leading to better heating performance.
  • Made easily with simple structure and small shape.
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