Commercial air source chiller & heater pump PW080-KFXLR

Průmyslové duální tepelné čerpadlo PW080-KFXLR

132 168,- Kč vč. DPH 20%

Air To Water Chiller & Heat Pump features:

  • Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater Features:
  • Refrigerant ( gas): R407c
  • LCD display control panel
  • Automatic unit on/off timer clock
  • Insufficient water flow protection
  • High/Low pressure protection
  • Galvanized panel which is rustless. (It can withstand salt spray test 500 hours )
  • Automatic reversing defrosting function enables units to work reliably in hard winter.

Air To Water Chiller & Heat Pump Top discharge series:

Cooling Capacity  KW 21.8
BTU/H 74333
Heating Capacity KW 23.8
BTU/H 81667
 Cooling Power Input  KW 7.5
 Heating Power Input  KW 7.2
 running Current(Cooling/Heating)  Amps 13.5/12.9
 Power Supply  V/Ph/Hz 380/3/50
 Compressor Number    2
 Compressor     Scroll
 Fan Power Input  W 220*2
 Fan Roated Speed  RPM 850
 Noise  dB(A) 61
 Water Connection    DN40
 Water Flow Volume  m3/h 8
 Unit Net Dimension(L/W/H)  mm 1366/750/1365
 Net Weight  Kg 280

Cooling: Outdoor air temp:35°C(Dry Bulb)/24°C(Wet Bulb),Inlet water temp:12°C,Outlet water temp:7°C. Heating: Outdoor air temp:7°C(Dry Bulb)/6°C( Wet Bulb),Inlet water temp:40°C,Outlet water temp:45°C.

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